Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in your home or home or office is a devastating event. Your life will change in ways you might not have expected. Even when the flames are out and the fire trucks long gone the effects of the fire will continue to be felt.

Getting back to normal from a fire is a complicated task. Damage caused from a fire isn’t just from the heat of the flames. Damage is caused by smoke, soot, and water, too. Belongings that weren’t burned are now soggy and smoky. Anything you want to keep will have to be carefully cleaned, if cleaning is even possible.

What to Do After a Fire

When your home suffers from the devastation of a fire, you might feel overwhelmed and not know what to do next. That’s why the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) recommends contacting professionals to help. A fire restoration professional will know what to do and how best to go about doing it.

While the damage from every fire is different, our fire restoration technicians work within industry-approved guidelines. An example of the process we use looks like this:

Fire and Smoke

  • Call a professional. You don’t have to go through the fire cleanup alone. Call professional fire damage technicians to help you through the difficult process of coming back from a fire.
  • Inspect the damage. The first thing our technician will do is assess the damage. They’ll carefully inspect all the rooms of your house to determine the extent of damage from fire, smoke, soot, and water, and come up with a plan to move forward.
  • Secure your home. When a home is damaged in a fire, the structure becomes compromised. To make your home as secure as possible, we’ll board up windows, doors, and any other openings.
  • Dry, Dry, Dry. After a fire a home might experience water damage from the firefighting efforts. If that is the case, you’ll need to remove any excess water and start the process of drying out your home.
  • Clean up smoke damage. Smoke and soot get on everything during a fire. Don’t try to remove the smoke yourself. You run the risk of coming into contact with toxic gases or even smoldering ash. Trust a professional with the proper safety equipment to clean up the smoke and soot.
  • Clean up the building. Using a variety of different techniques, our fire restoration experts will clean up restorable items that were damaged by the fire or smoke. We can also deodorize the building to remove all traces of smoky smell.
  • Restoration. Rooms and areas damaged by the fire will need to be repaired and rebuilt so you can go back to normal. Vorte Restoration Services provides complete reconstruction and repair services to make that process happen.

Vorte Restoration Services is Here to Help

Having a fire in your home or office is devastating. Looking over the damage after the fire is out can feel overwhelming and you might not even know where to start. Vorte Restoration Services has been helping families and businesses recover after fires for over 20 years.

We understand the stress and terror of dealing with fire damage. Since 1990 we made it our mission to help people whose lives have been disrupted by fire devastation. It’s our goal to help you fix the situation and get back to normal, as quickly as possible.

Our fire restoration technicians will arrive quickly to assess your particular situation. They will go over each step of the restoration process, answer all your questions, and make sure you understand what needs to be done.

If you’ve experienced a fire and are in need of fire restoration services, call us any time 310.325.5298. We have an emergency team ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.